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The Effects of not having A Down Payment Assistance Program

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2010 Home Buyer Expires SOON!!!

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Article in The Washington Post

An article in The Washington Post on November 1, 2008 highlighted the IndyMac experiment. Coupled with the Federal Depository Insurance Corp (FDIC), regulators are attempting to create a model for reworking mortgages and rescuing homeowners.
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DPAP Needs Your Help

Once again, Congress is planning on shutting out the first time home buyer with the stroke of a pen because, historically, they believe that the down payment assistance program is part of the foreclosure fiasco that they failed to monitor.
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Independent Contractor

Independent Contractor status is defined as a person or business who performs services for another person under an express or implied agreement and who is not subject to the other's control, or right to control, the manner and means of performing the services; not as an employee. What is amazing is how many Realtors, who are independent contractors, are influenced by the controls of others, specifically in the world of joint ventures.
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Negotiating A Short Sale

Recently, we have experienced a surge in short sales, many of which have had negotiations begun by the listing agents. While that is a proactive approach to the transaction, I am seeing issues with the HUD’s that are being prepared based on the offer and term of the contract.
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Referral Bias or Fair Dealing

I was recently surprised at the spotlight a listing agent and seller placed on the referral of a closing to “me” by a selling agent. On more than one occasion, one of the two parties referred to the selling agent as “my referring agent” or as “my close friend” and that reference was made during a conversation in referencing the referring agent where the conversation was focused on the possibility of a “lopsided outcome” to a dispute or disagreement on a contract enforcement issue.
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Talk about trying to squeeze water from a turnip, I am currently assisting in the negotiation of a dozen short sales. We currently have 5 of them under contract and none of them are nearing the settlement table. Why, you ask? Let me give it to you in a nutshell: It’s called the “back burner” syndrome.
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Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Of course I am quoting the infamous Gomer Pyle, but I am also stating my sentiments on the most recent success of a number of short sale negotiations; the lenders are actually starting to come around and see realize the “bird in the hand” theory.
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The new FHA loan limits

They're here!!!!!! The new FHA loan limits!!! The Federal Housing Administration has agreed to increase the borrowing limits in Montgomery County and surrounding areas to the maximum of $729,750.00! This is great news for those interested in purchasing a home who might have a little more ...
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Wasting Everyone’s Time

Well, the headline is somewhat blunt, but it’s honest. As short sales are a plenty, buyers who think they can get a “steal” are everywhere; well buyers, those days are over. Although some lenders at the onset of this short sale debacle allowed large shortages to get through their system, it seems that those deals are now gone. Having assisted listing agents in the negotiation of numerous short sales, the lenders have finally realized that they can call some of the shots and actually counter offer any contract offer.
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