Settlement Services



Our office is capable of handling the transaction from start to finish. Our attorneys work in conjunction with the staff to:


  • • Ordering of the title abstract
  • • Reviewing the title, judgments, liens, and defects of the title.
  • • Prepare documents for the lender/mortgage company
  • • Ordering a house location or boundary survey, if necessary

• Communicating with all parties involved in the transaction


Confidence Title prides itself on providing a professional and timely settlement for residential purchases and refinances. All of our settlements are conducted by a licensed settlement attorney. Why is this important? An attorney has the training and experience to answer all the questions that you may have either prior to settlement or at the settlement table. There are many fine points that no one other than an attorney are qualified to answer. This is another way that we ensure you have the confidence to know your settlement was done right.


Our settlements are conducted Monday thru Friday from the hours of 9 AM - 5 PM. That being said, we all know that when the end of the month comes about and you have a settlement that needs conducted time makes no difference. Confidence Title will accommodate your client's needs.


Confidence Title is licensed to conduct settlements in Maryland and The District of Columbia. We have a few goals at Confidence Title. They are to provide:

  • • A settlement that is done in a timely fashion
  • • A settlement that is done correctly and professionally
  • • Answers to all of your's and your client's questions
  • • A settlement that is done with Confidence

Multi-Lingual Settlement Services


The population in our area grows and diversifies every day. To help meet the needs of our new neighbors Confidence Title offers settlements in Spanish and Italian.


These services have been implemented to ensure that your clients have a full understanding of the documents they are signing at the settlement table. Having that understanding leads to the confidence they deserve.













Confidence Title & Escrow Announces Paperless Closing Solutions

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